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J Allen Woodworks was founded in 2023 with a passion for working with our hands to create beautiful and functional pieces. With a desire to share this passion with others, we opened the doors to our small shop in Greenville, SC, with a focus on creating unique and custom gifts and small projects.

From the beginning, our shop has been dedicated to using sustainable and locally-sourced materials and using traditional and modern techniques to bring the customer vision to life. We have put our heart and soul into the shop, and are passionate about creating unique pieces that will last a lifetime.

With each project, we strive to not only meet but exceed our customer expectations through our attention to detail and commitment to quality. We believe that every piece should not only be functional, but also a work of art.

In the short time we have been in business, our shop has already gained a reputation for producing beautiful, high-quality pieces that our customers treasure. We are excited to continue sharing our passion for woodworking with the community, one project at a time.

Living Room
Blue Bathroom
Personal Desk
Modern Dining Room
White Tableware
Children's Room
Home Decor
Wall Decor
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